About Us

Freebird Semiconductor:

(r)evolutionary High-Reliability GaN Technology

Freebird Semiconductor is a fabless design and domestic (USA) manufacturing company offering advanced high-reliability wide-band gap power switching technology.

We are focused on delivering Enhancement Mode Gallium Nitride Power Transistors (eGaN HEMT) with game changing first in class eGaN based portfolios facilitating evolutionary advantages over silicon based solutions.

Freebird Semiconductor provides the industry’s first portfolio of proven radiation hardened “eGaN” based high-reliability power switching transistors addressing critical space-borne environments with Freebird Semiconductor patent filed design technologies.

A high-reliability performance qualification test vehicle is employed with guaranteed radiation hardness assurance.

Complimentary non-radiation hardened portfolio alternatives address avionic and high end industrial requirements.

Lead by a management team with broad experience in these markets, Freebird Semiconductor aims to impact the future in high-reliability power management markets!

Made in U.S.A.

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